College Tours: Know Before You Go

By Rickie Herrera
Career Development Coordinator, Altamonte Springs Campus

Often Seminole State College is not the end of a student’s college career, it is just the beginning. If you plan on transferring to a university after completing your general education from Seminole State College there are some important steps to take. The first step is to declare a major and find out what universities offer that program. The next step would be to compile a list of possible schools and schedule tours to visit those campuses. Taking a college tour can give you a firsthand look into life at the college/university you are considering and help you determine if the institution suits your personality, interests, and career goals.

mapGoing on a college tour and visiting a campus is beneficial because it allows you to determine whether or not you can picture yourself attending that particular university for the next few years of your life. Your education should be exciting, fun, and an investment in your future, therefore you want to be as prepared and as knowledgeable as possible when making this potentially life changing decision.  In addition, college tours will provide you with the necessary information to help make the transfer process easier. Some topics usually discussed during a college tour include financial aid, admissions, career services, housing, scholarships, student life, academic programs and associated program requirements, and testing/assessment. In addition, often times college tours give you the opportunity to engage with current students at that college/university. This is a wonderful time to ask questions regarding the college experience.

You can often schedule a college tour by simply contacting the admissions department of the institution you are considering attending. The Career Development Center is also planning group college tour events, so make sure to check out our events calendar for these opportunities.





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