Hispanic Chamber Helps Young Professionals Grow

The following article was contributed by Camia Berry, Career Development Center Clerk and Seminole State student:

After having the opportunity to attend the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s Young Professionals seminar, I am ecstatic to share my experience with you. The seminar, “An Introduction to Nonprofit Board Service,” that I attended was for young professionals from 25 -35 years of age. Time for networking was set aside before and after the seminar so I got to learn a little more about the other attendees. There was a great variety of individuals in attendance from various professional backgrounds: business owners, a Clerk, a Dog Trainer, a Project Specialist, a Lawyer, and many more.

The presenter was Emily Furlong of the Edyth Bush Institute and a retiree of Rollins College. She spoke on non-profit service and encouraged us to start by asking ourselves what type of organization we want to serve: educational, arts or cultural, animal welfare-environmental, health, religious or faith-based, civic-societal, or human service oriented. Other examples included professional organizations/associations and homeowners associations. During the seminar, we also learned about the competencies of effective boards and what questions to ask prior to joining a particular board. Overall, this provided us with the knowledge to make well-grounded decisions while looking to become a part of a nonprofit board.

We collectively learned a wealth of information and it was presented professionally.  This experience would be truly beneficial to any individual who attends. One of the great things about opportunities hosted by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is that you do not have to be Hispanic to attend any seminars/workshops. The goal is diversity and interaction between individuals from various ethnic backgrounds. The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s Young Professionals Program mission statement is, “To empower young professionals of Metro Orlando to become world-class professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders”.  From what I have seen so far, they are doing just that.

If you are interested in learning more visit their website.


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